Dental Implants by David Crosbie

David Crosbie has been providing implant treatment in North Devon since 2003 and over that time has performed many hundred implant placements.

Are you missing a single tooth or more than one tooth? Are you suffering from loose dentures and the loss of confidence that that causes? Well, dental implants could well be the solution for you.

With an implant you can get the closest possible solution to getting your own natural tooth back. It will look and feel like your own tooth and will be fixed in place which means you can chew normally and smile with confidence.

Dental Implants Overview

Customer Testimonials

  • "They just got on with it, very quietly and methodically, no problem at all. I am really, really pleased with it." Sarah K

  • "Very pleased with prompt attention and my new crown which replaces my front tooth" Valerie Eyam

  • "My dentist used the scanner to create a 3D picture of the crown. This was a painless and fascinating process - so thank you!" Sophia Stark

Restoring Confidence

With the loss of a tooth or teeth, your confidence can get a dent! You might feel less confident smiling or eating in public. Shaped and positioned with precision for the best aesthetic result, implants are engineered to restore your natural smile. A dental implant also helps preserve the contour of your jaw and the natural shape of your face.

In addition, implants can restore lost chewing function, giving you the confidence to eat whatever you like again. Implants are designed to feel like your own teeth, they are exceptionally strong and stable and the difference between an implant and a natural tooth is virtually undetectable.

More information on Dental Implants

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